SharePoint Online: unable to open *.doc files in IE11 in Word Web online

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Since yesterday we are unable to open *.doc files in IE11 in Word Web online. It does open up docx files, but not the older office files. We can also open .doc files in Edge and Chrome. Weirdly, excel online opens up .xls files no problem. The issue is just with older doc files and IE.
We are also able to open it if we bypass Word Online and open it in the Desktop App.
Troubleshooting steps attempted without success:
• Tried running IE in Compatibility mode
• Tried running IE in safe mode
• Uninstalled our A/V (Carbon Black)
• Disabled all add-ins
• Reset IE browser
• rolled back our OS updates

Update: Now *.docx files don't open up in IE Word Online either!

Did something happen with IE support and M365? I thought it wasn't being deprecated until 2021?

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@ChristianBergstrom I have seen that, and we have plans to migrate to the new edge as our default browser early next year.  But your article indicates IE will be deprecated Aug 21st.  Why does it not work today?

Hey, just wanted to send a heads up. As for the issue I suggest opening a ticket with the official support.

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks!  I have a premier ticket opened with MS, but was curious if any others were experiencing the same issue and if there was a resolution.


Weirdly, our users are reporting that it's working today.  We did not change anything so I'll see what MS has to say about this and I'll post the solution here.