SharePoint Online not responding to modify any file or open any online app

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we have 30 user on office365 and since 11th of march our SharePoint is totally down! the worst part of it is that Microsoft support not answering clear. 

none of users cant edit, create, even open some times

we just have outlook .

Excel online, word online, PowerPoint online, one drive, SharePoint online sites... everything is down.

any one has the same problem?
any one can explain ?

all things came and go time to time, for example i have problem with my excel today and tomorrow excel is all right and onedrive is not working ... .


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What has Microsoft said so far about your issues?

This is their last message :

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 6:37 AM GMT

Hello Ashkan,
I have my advanced team looking into this issue.  It appears there may be an issue with the SharePoint servers.  We are investigating further, but going through the most recent logs will take some time.  I understand the impact this has on your organization and I want you to know that we are working on this.  


Thank you,


Office 365 Support

@adam deltinger 

Okay, that was yesterday! I'd make sure to contact them again asking for a further status report!



They not answered my last 10 Emails :|


@adam deltinger