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We are running couple of important sites on SharePoint online and would like to monitor them, may be via scom or other using other tools. Though technically we don't need to monitor, it has become more of an executive requirement. Any suggestions are appreciated.




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I'd see if you can get them to reconsider, it's not going accomplish much except some occasional notifications or reports that will tell you SharePoint Online reliability is pretty great. Saying that there are options like Office365Mon, which can give you those sort of things and there are probably other options as well.  

What kind of monitoring do you want to perform? usage, availability, changes?

Dean, for now only availability. Monitoring must catch site availability even before end users do, that is the goal. For usage, changes i will use PowerShell to get them.
For usage changes just use the info. you get with usage reports and the Power BI Adoption Pack

For availability, the best tool i have seen is Office365Mon from the great mind of @Steve peschka

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This is a great tool for uptime and peformance monitoring of Sharepoint online....It gives you real-time crowd sourced benchmarks so you know if yours is slow: