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I'm still trying to figure out things for a migration to SharePoint online. The purpose is to abandon the current filer / NAS and migrate all the data to SharePoint. Currently, there is a bandwith of 5 Mb on the NAS. To ensure a good user experience, can I assume there will the same volume of on the internet access after the migration ? or do I have to expect more trafic with change of network protocol (no more samba) ?

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What's the bandwith to connect to Internet? I'm asking this because I think you have not to compare NAS bandwidht with the bandwidth you need to access Office 365

Hi, I wanted to say there is 5Mb of network trafic on the NAS. Therefore, what volume do I have to expect after the files migration on SharePoint Online ? Will it be the same ? a lot more ? I could not find any projection or how to make an estimation. 

The final purpose is to know if I have to upgrade the internet link access.

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There is the browser traffic of course and it’s all depending on the file sizes, are they uploading , downloading, just viewing/editing’s hard to make an estimation but there’s some guidance here: