SharePoint - OneDrive on Demand - Offline editing xlsx

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I would like to ask if it for someone works.


I use Office365 desktop apps on my computer. Our company documents are on Sharepoint online, synced via OneDrive to my laptop. When I'm offline and I edit some excel file wich my colleague also edited online, there is everytime sync error.


When I'm online again there is everytime message: "We could't merge the changes in an Office file" in OneDrive. After that I can save copy of my file but merging failed everytime for Excel. I tried to edit different cells or even Sheet(testing purpose) but without success.


What is yours expirience with it? Does it work for you?

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@TomasCinkHave you checked if your OneDrive have enabled Office sync under OneDrive-->Settings-->Office-->"Use Office appli...." ?


Yes, it was turned on. I'm not sure but I think that it is turn on by default.

Does it work for you? I mean merging two xlsx files?