SharePoint Modern News Webpart Visual Glitch




Recently a change to the SharePoint Modern News webpart has brought in a weird visual problem.  All images seem to not stretch to fill the webpart correctly, when using the "tiles" display mode.


The method used to add news was "news link".  Is anyone else experiencing this, the same result can be seen on two different SharePoint tenants.  I have scribbled in red where the images do not seem to flow over the background shading of the webpart.







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Hi@Warren Patterson ,


I noticed this as well a very small and annoying glitch in the look & feel.


Oh! Thanks for bringing this back to my attention, we actually fixed it :) Find post to the fix here.

Thanks for pointing to a solution. However for us this not a solution because we don't use any scripting on the page. Hopefully Microsoft does a quick fix for this small glitch.