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When migrating data from traditional windows file share to SharePoint online (I am fairly new to SharePoint), is it likely each team would have its own 'site', or some other level of hierarchy for storing their files? Still trying to map out the SharePoint online hierarchy, and compare to windows file server of \\server\share\directory - any beginners guide would be useful. 


For example assume at present there is \\server\share\team1 \\server\share\team2 \\server\share\team3 - would you likely create a 'site' for team1's data, team2's data, team3's data - assuming you want to maintain the same structure and permissions?

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Hi @Cb111 - creating a site for each team will give them room to grow in SharePoint beyond just file storage. They'll get their own Events calendar, News, Pages, etc. The nice part about moving to SharePoint is that libraries and files can be added to Pages, as well as text editors to provide context and instructions for the files being displayed. Sharegate's site always has a ton of helpful info, here's a starter for moving from file shares to SharePoint. Hope that helps! 5 keys to a successful file share to SharePoint migration - ShareGate