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We have several team sites (10+) dedicated to all of our different departments linked to a hub that has a few subsites on it. The subsites are dedicated more to generic areas like benefits, payroll, wellness, etc. all of which have their own dedicated calendars. I'm attempting to create an event web part on the main hub page dedicated to JUST the department events. When I go in and choose to select only the department sites I want to include on this event calendar, I can select roughly 10 sites and then I get an error in the webpart. Attached is that error. I'm wanting department only because if I include some subsites like Wellness, they have a ton of events that span over a week or two so the webpart would never really show events from the department so I want to filter out those subsites. I'm assuming this error has to deal wit me selecting too many sites that it can't filter things out, but if I select ALL SITES in the hub, I don't get an error, but I get far too many events that I don't want to show. Thoughts? 




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