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Hey Guys, 


Quick and very easy question for you about sharepoint collection sites and how they are displayed in (SharePoint Admin Center) vs. Powershell please see screenshots: 




as you can see in PS there are about 14 sites. 


Now in the Portal: 

SharePoint Sites Collections AdminPortal.PNGAnd in the above photo you see that we have 7 sites shown? 


Why is that ? I would have expected Get-SpoSites and the admin center to show the same number of sharepoint sites. Sorry for such a basic question but i am not very experienced with sharepoint. 




















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The current version of the SharePoint admin center does not show SharePoint sites that are associated with Office 365 groups. This has been fixed in the "new SharePoint admin center", which is slowly rolling out to Office 365 organizations. You can read more about it here:
Hi Robert, The sites that you don't see are Office 365 Groups; You are not the Administrator of them, so you do not see them in the Admin Center.