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I have a question regarding shared mailboxes. Normally they are "for free" but I have the feeling that the search function does not work reasonably with this. The search results are not complete.


When I put a licence on the shared Mailbox and add it as a full-fledged mailbox in Outlook everything works. 


Is there a difference between licensed and unlicensed mailboxes?



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As long as you have Full access to the shared mailbox, you can add it as "full fledged" mailbox in Outlook. Follow the steps here:

Thanks Vasil.


I tried this way and unfortunately i have problems here too.


When I add the account this way and restart Outlook, the appropriate OST file is created, but this one just doesn't get larger.




It is hanging at 16424 KB.


When i try to send an E-mail, I get the Error, that the PST file cannot be accessed.