Shared Excel file on One Drive - is very slow

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Hi, I save my data on One Drive and it works extremely smoothly. But when I work on Excel shared by my colleague, it works extremely slow. So much so that, it takes good 5 minutes to open. Excel hangs and also crashes in between. Even small file size like 1 MB takes time to load. And heavy files like of 35mb (we save in .xlsb format to reduce the size, .xlsx size is 68mb) makes us to pray God (lol). But same files work very smoothly, if I save that file in my One Drive. Can some one advice why it is so slow? And how to resolve it? Regards, TC
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This sounds to me like your local system resources are very low - CPU and RAM.
Increase the RAM to start with.

I would also recommend doing a backup of your system, formatting Windows with a fresh image, and reinstalling your Office Apps. @Tarun2019