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We plan to redirect local known folders like Documents, Photos etc to OneDrive, however we have a lot of shared computers used by many users. I understand there is a local folder to sync with OneDrive. Let's say each user has 10 GB in their OneDrive, 10 user will have 100 GB. The local hard drive will not have enough free space for it. How to solve this problem?


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Utilize files on demand. It only uses enough space for metadata. Storage spaces will keep the storage cleaned up.

Check the launch article here.

Are there ways to manage this via GPO's at the moment? I hadn't really given much thought on this subject but now starting to use SSD's more it may be something I need to look in to.


If a shared computer has several user profiles and haven't been logged into for a while would storage sense do it's thing on stale profiles if it was set to run daily? Or would it only act on the logged in user?


e.g. if we activated it to delete files in downloaded folders if they had been there for more than 30 days, or if we made onedrive content online only after 30 days, would this clear the existing profiles?