Setting up DNS MX Records for Office365 for business problems

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I just registered for Office365 with a subscription that supports both offline Office product as online cloud products like exchange, onedrive, skype et cetera.


I added my custom domain as a domain, which went flawlessly!


Then I wanted to setup my MX records to route email to Office365, so I read this article

It says I need to copy my MX record from the admin panel, however, when I go there, I get the following "message" / "error":

Screenshot 2019-11-26 at 15.08.38.png

"There are no required DNS records because you don't have subscriptions with Exchange or Skype service plans."


What's this? I just purchased the "Office 365 Business premium" package, which includes Exchange? The package also shows under Billing -> Products and Services...


I need to setup my mail! Help!

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Are you ale to access If not, maybe something is wrong in the back-end, and I would open a support ticket to have it fixed.

MX usually look like, you just replace "." for "-" and then add ""