Sent mails from a shared mailbox end up in my users sent items

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When I send a mail from my shared mailbox from either Outlook where it is added as an additional mailbox or from my website, where I use SMTP auth, the mails are stored in my personal mailbox' sent items.


I want the sent item to be saved in the shared mailbox' sent items ONLY.

I have of cause enabled the copy sent items to mailbox in O365 admin, for the shared mailbox.


I authenticate from me web app using my personal mailbox account and it has sent as permission on my shared mailbox.

I send a lot of mails from my web app and I really dont want them in my sent items.


Do any of you know how to fix this?

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You need to add a reg key to the PC to be able to do so. Googl it. You can set it via gpo to all stations or manually to this PC only.
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It's from a mac and OWA, so GPOs and regedit hacks does not work.

I found another solution - thanks.

Hi @aTaxX, what solution? 


@Victor Ivanidze 


A totally different setup.

Using an om-prem mailserver and an o365 connector, allowing me to send out the mails from my various systems.