Sending through a shared mailbox by default

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I have a problem with a shared mailbox: We have a central mailbox for our company, where all major communication runs though. I have set it up as a shared mailbox. Everyone can recive mails fine. All users are authorized to send as the shared mailbox.

Here is my problem: I had to manually add the shared mailbox in the 'send as' dropdown menu. I can't now make it the default for 'send as', because the only way I know how to is to set the account as default. And since the shared mailbox is not an account I can't set it as default. So everytime someone sends through the shared mailbox they have to select it manually in each mail, which is less then ideal.


Thanks in advance!

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I think you only have 2 options here:
-add it as additional account (via File > Add account), you will need to remove automapping
-use a VBA script see:

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Thanks for the fast reply. We had it before as a seperate account, but got told that the proper way to set this up was through a shared mailbox. We had sync problems when everyone used the same account simultaniously and hoped to mitigate those through the shared mailbox, but that is its own topic.


I'll try the macro, but if there is a more direct way I am still open for suggestions.