Sending clients due reminders

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I need to send clients periodic email reminders that certificates need updating.


What is the best way to automatically send clients reminders using office 365 apps near the due date (say one month and 14 days)?

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@PaulJennings Microsoft Flow would be a candidate for this, this article has a run through, it may take some trial and error but I think it's close to what you are after:


This would use a SharePoint list to hold the information on the client details which the Flow would use to check and send reminders accordingly, here is a quick guide on this - Create a list in SharePoint.


Finally, this might be of interest and a good place to start -  Using Flow to send Email Reminder from SharePoint Data.

Thanks Cian.

@PaulJennings  if you have a machine  (a real or a virtual) that always run,

you can create a simple PowerShell script and start it using Windows Task scheduler.