Send to OneNote Outlook addin gone


I have a user that was using the “send to OneNote” button in Outlook on her old machine but when we migrated her to a new one it was gone and not listed under add-ins. I think it’s because she had the OneNote desktop app on the old machine and the new one only has the new app.


Is there is a way for me to get the desktop version installed? She’s a 365 business user.

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@Paul Storic you can install “the whole package” from the Office 365 portal

@Nicklas Lundqvist That's how I normally install the Office apps but the desktop version of OneNote isn't there anymore.

@Paul Storic sorry! Hadn’t noticed that one myself...


you can also find the app at One of the links points to windows desktop version.

@Nicklas Lundqvist Good to know. Thanks!