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Hi, how are you?


First of all:

.I have my DNS Records in one server.

.My wordpress site is in GoDaddy server ( with cPanel.

.My business use Office 365.


I want to send emails from Wordpress with my business domains emails (like ). Instead i recived emails from "".


What can i do? Please help me.


Thank you! Best regards and sorry for my English.

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Thank you Vasil!


When I do this with diferent Plugins they display to me that they can´t connect with the SMTP Host.



Encript: TLS

Port SMTP: 587


Password: mypassword

Do you happen to have MFA enabled on that account? And in case you are not using your *own* account, make sure the corresponding user is licensed for Exchange Online.

@Vasil Michev  


I am hosting in the google cloud which do not allow for port 25 or 587 traffic.


We would prefer to send direct via office 365 so can etc port 2525 or other port be added?