Send email as alia via SMTP

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We are migrating from GSuite to Office 365 in the last few days and I need to set up notifications for some devices.


So, i have a mailbox dedicated for sending notifications via smtp, and add 2 others aliases on this mailbox.


But after setting up smtp on my devices, I saw that the email was sent from the primary address and not from the alias.


I was able to send emails from aliases in G Suite, but in Office 365 I couldn't figure out how to make it work.


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This is not supported natively in Exchange, you have to use workarounds (see for example here: The native functionality is under development and should be released later this year, keep an eye on the roadmap.

Hi @Vasil Michev 



After checking the detail of mail it show me the alias as a source of mail,  but in my outlook inbox it keep show me only the primary address, conversely on my Gmail it show me the alias as source address.