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I need to enable Send copies of group conversations and events to group members (-SubscriptionEnabled) for all O365 groups in our organisation with linked teams. Does anyone have a powershell script that I could use to do this. The problem I have if this is not enabled for the group is that members do not get notified if the team channel is invited to a new meeting.





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Something as simple as this should do:


Get-UnifiedGroup | Set-UnifiedGroup -SubscriptionEnabled


I'm not sure if this will override user's settings though, users themselves might need to "subscribe" to calendar events.

@Vasil Michev  I have done it manually on groups and it works perfectly so hopefully this does the job.



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I would like update also my office 365 groups with this parameter automatically through powershell but with Set-UnifiedGroup -SubscriptionEnabled this don't work. I have the notifications only in box of group. It's ok, if I update this parameter in admin office 365 manuelly but I would like to configure this one on every groups who existing and the new ones. Do you have an solution ? regards