Searchable App/List with 65000 Contacts - Power Apps? SharePoint? something else?




we got a contact search with 65000+ contacts in a SQL table that can be searched on SharePoint 2016 on premise search. This works fine. 


As we have switched to modern SharePoint Online, Teams, Lists and stuff we would like to get rid of the SharePoint 2016 on premise search. Therefore I need to enable the users to search this database in the modern world. The SQL table in on Azure. Items in this contact list are kept up to date from SAP data every night. Microsoft E3 plans are standard.


What could be a way to achieve this? 

  • PowerApps? Has limitations when searching. As far as I experienced this limit is 2000 items - not suitable for my problem?
  • Microsoft Lists? Views in SharePoint lists have 50k item theshold (as far as I experienced). In addition Lists would have problems to keep the list up to date as the contact data is from SAP and changes every day - at least some of the items.

Has anyone an idea how to solve my problem? Maybe again some search driven solution?

Thanks in advance! 

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