Search for "Office Location" in M365 - shows up in Delve


Lots of our users have set their office location (property physicalDeliveryOfficeName in Active Directory) and/or Microsoft Delve profile. See red mark:


2021-03-11 08_11_06-Start.png


This shows up fine in any Delve profile. 


Is there any way to see this in other locations than the delve profile? (Teams or SharePoint maybe?)

Is there any way to search this property? 


Delve is a product that exists somewhere in the M365 universe. It is not a product that is used by the majority of our users. So the office location which is important for us (lots of branches) is something the users would like to see and search.



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If you want to expose the field as part of the Profile card, you should be able to do so via Graph. Here's a sample article: