Script to add SPFx webpart to a classic page using PnP Powershell

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I have to run a Powershell script that creates a Site Collection App catalog , then add an SPFx webpart to it and publish it. Also it has to install it in the site. I have done upto this part.


Last piece missing is to add it to a classic page. I can see adding to modern pages. but i need to add it to a classic page. I have seen this post -


But it has a step to manually add SPFx app to a classic page and to get the XML. This is not possible in my case as I have to automate everything. Is there way to achieve my need or to tweak the method provided in the post.

As far my code is - 


Add-PnPSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site $url
Add-PnPApp -Path D:/custom.sppkg -Scope Site -Publish
Install-PnPApp -Identity "custom-webpart" -Scope Site


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