Saving Site Information modifies the Site Permissions!

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Hi everyone, 


I have tested this scenario on two E3 tenants and one Business tenant: 

  1. In a modern site click on site Site Permissions
  2. Go to Site Members, set it from Edit to Read, close by clicking the X
  3. Verify the site permissions and that Everyone except external users is still set on Read
  4. Close by clicking the X
  5. Click Site Information
  6. Modify the title or just click Save (it does not change the scenario)
  7. Click on Site Permissions and "Everyone except external users" is set as Site Members thus they have Edit permissions again, I have checked this with some users.
  8. Click on Advanced Settings, it takes you to the SharePoint permissions
  9. The "Everyone except external users" group is set in the Visitors Group after step 2
  10. After step 6 the SharePoint Visitors Group is empty and "Everyone except external users" can be found in the Site Member SP Group.

Is anyone else having this issue? Changing / Saving the Site Title for example has an impact on the permissions. 


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