Saving sent items in the mailbox of delegator

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Hello All,


We have set up delegated access in Exchange as follows :


1. The delegate, Bob, is using OWA.


2. The delegator, Anne is using Outlook 365. Access has been granted in Outlook through File -> Account Settings ->Delegate Access. 


3. Bob opens Anne's mail by adding a shared folder on his OWA. He opens the Inbox for Anne and sends an email. This email needs be saved in the sent items of both Bob and Anne. Currently the email is being saved in the sent items of Bob only.


The command Set-Mailbox anne@domain -MessageCopyForSendOnBehalfEnabled $true has been run for Anne.


But no email is being saved in Anne's sent items when Bob sends an email through the mailbox of Anne.


Can anyone please advise where we are going wrong?


Thank you.


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@ManjulaSicom Hi, could it be a case of mix up?


-MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled  vs -MessageCopyForSendOnBehalfEnabled 


For reference see the examples here

Hello bec064,

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Unfortunately I checked well before launching the command as I got mixed up before.

But when -MessageCopyForSendOnBehalfEnabled did not work, I tried -MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled. Nothing works; the email is not getting saved in the mailbox of the delegator.

I have tried it successfully with 2 users using Outlook 365 (followed the instructions given in the mentioned article).

In this case, the delegator is on Outlook 365 and the delegate is using OWA.

Thank you.

@ManjulaSicom Hello, sorry for the late reply. The community was under maintenance.


So if you use "Get-Mailbox | FL" you can confirm that the user has these settings enabled?




And the delegate use the From field as well?





Hello Bec064,

No worries. I was on leave so I am replying to you today.

Yup MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled and MessageCopyForSendOnBehalfEnabled are both true.

Yes Bob displays From and chooses Anne then the mail appears On behalf of at the recipient's place.

How are you able to paste screenshot in this area? I tried but could not.

Thank you.

@ManjulaSicom Hello again, have to ask if you are in hybrid mode? Is one of them on-prem and the other user in cloud? The MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled and MessageCopyForSendOnBehalfEnabled settings are not supported if they are located in different environments.



Hello bec064,

Nopes both users are on cloud. Except the delegator is using Outlook and the delegate is using OWA.

Thank you.

@ManjulaSicom Thanks, will try it myself later today and let you know the outcome.

Thank you :)
Hey, just read the first post again. Please set the delegate permissions using PowerShell, not the client :)

Should I remove the delegation via the client and then set it via PowerShell?

@ManjulaSicom Yes, I would do that. Let me know how it goes!


You have the settings here as well if you don't want to use PowerShell (admin portal). I prefer PS though.






Ok thanks for all the help. I will give you a feedback on Monday. The users have already left for today.

@ManjulaSicom Hey, did you get it sorted when using the other approach?

Hi @ChristianBergstrom,

Im very sorry to be replying so late. We've been taken up by another quite serious issue where emails sent by one of our executives have not been received by the recipients with no delivery failure and no errors.


Back to our issue. So as not to block the users, we have upgraded their OS and installed Outlook app on their machines. Full Access has been given to the delegates through the Admin portal and sent on behalf has been configured there itself. I still need to test if when the delegate is sending email via the delegator's Inbox, the email is getting saved in both places.

Will keep you updated.

Many thanks.