Save your free place on the PowerApps Virtual Summit (March 27th)


Late last night we launched registration for our PowerApps Virtual Summit, brought to you by Collab365 MicroJobs. The Summit is going to start at 2pm UTC on March 27th and the best part … it’s currently free to attend.


Note, if you can't make the date then there's a way to grab the session videos when it's complete. (Plus some Ebooks on PowerApps, Teams and Flow).


Who is speaking?


We’re going to add a couple more sessions, but so far our line up is as follows:

  • Nick Brattoli MVP
  • Matt Weston
  • Laura Graham-Brown
  • Sandy Ussia MVP
  • Matt Schuessler
  • Laura Rogers MVP
  • Dries Verdonckt
  • April Dunham MVP
  • Mark Stokes
  • Hugh Wood

Who is it aimed at?


It’s predominantly targeted towards those beginning their PowerApps journey, however. we do have a couple more sessions aimed at more advanced use cases, such as how to use Zapier with PowerApps. The Summit follows on naturally from our popular “Beginners Guide To PowerApps Ebook” which is currently available for free.


How do you register?


It’s really simple, just fill in the form here. On the next page, after you’ve registered, you will be offered the All-Access Pass for $49. If you want it at the lower rate of $49 please get your credit card ready. However, if you’re not sure then you can purchase at any time up until the Summit starts.


We’re using a new platform

For a variety of reasons, we’ve decided to move away from using our own SharePoint platform for our conferences. Instead, we will be using Crowdcast. Crowdcast provides us with more flexibility. Please note: Although it works on mobile and all browsers, we’ve noticed that the best quality can be enjoyed in Chrome or Firefox.

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