SahrePoint permission Audit27001

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Dear community,
I'm looking for an option in the Office365 Admin Center for an extract for an audit, which I can present to the auditor to prove the permissions. I would also like to receive a good script. I have the feeling that I am the first to look for a solution, which I can copy and paste and possibly fill in placeholders. But please please help me. Nobody can help me and there is no solution in sight. It must be possible somehow.
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Are you looking to audit data or activity? If activity then is it user or admin?

Either way, you'll find the tools in the security and compliance center. With eDiscovery cases for Data or audit logs for activity.
I am an administrator and would like to have a permissions statement from sharepoint to present to the auditor. I see the tool in the eDiscovery cannot help me with this. I might need you to write a script
Ah I see, I misread your original post, would you like to audit permission on all folders or document libraries? Graph API is your best bet for that.
Yes, preferably also about the graph. Can you show me how exactly I can implement this? Would be a dream
Unfortunately it would take some knowledge of Graph to even set up your environment for it, an app registration etc..

The exact call you're looking for is here:

If you haven't used Graph before I recommend testing on Graph Explorer:

If you don't have a whole lot of dev experience I'd recommend using PowerShell Invoke-WebRequest for your calls.