Run Macro from Share point



I opened the share point online Excel by Opening in Desktop app and the run the Macro.

The macro run without error, but the data update that we want to execute by Macro did not be processed.

Is there any reason for this case?

Please kindly give me the tips if you know. thank you very much!



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Not related to SharePoint for sure...I can tell you that macros and SharePoint in general are not good partners...indeed I was interesting to see the macro apparently was executed with no errors

Hi@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thank you for your reply.

At the end of Macro setting, if it run without error, there is the message "Run Successfully".

Based on the feedback from user, he opens the Excel in the desktop App, but the same file saved on the desktop was opened after it run the macro. Could you please kindly tell which reason caused this?