Room Bookings: How to enable Automatic Processing but disable Auto-Deletion of event updates?

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Hey Everyone,


I work in IT, and have a client who would like their Meeting Room bookings to be automatically responded to, depending on whether there is a conflict or not. *This part works fine.*

The problem is that any email about the event is automatically sent to deleted items.


I've created an isolated test environment to try and find a resolution to this problem. This is the current setup. I've created a brand new room with 0 delegates, to avoid any users local rules impacting the mailbox. I have disabled "Settings>Calendar>Events and Invitations>Delete invitations and responses that have been updated". through the outlook web app.


If anyone has a solution could you please let me know. That would be great.




- Gabriel

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Define "email"? Messages that are not meeting requests can be set to automatically be deleted for Room mailboxes. You can check the value of this setting via

Get-CalendarProcessing roomname | select DeleteNonCalendarItems

and toggle it off accordingly:

Set-CalendarProcessing roomname -DeleteNonCalendarItems $false