Rich text content controls no longer wrapping content

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I am experience an issue where content being populated into rich text content controls, in a Word document, are no longer wrapping.

Content is being captured in Forms and then translated/formatted by Power Automate into a Word document. This process was created and used successfully last year but now the content just runs out of the cell.

I have tried to research into other instances but haven't found anything that matches, I have also done some troubleshooting with settings but nothing to date has worked.

Does anyone have suggestions on what else to try?





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Hi @CharlesT1185 , try MS Forms instead of Word Forms. With a M365 account you can analyze your Forms Results with even Excel Online, stored in your OneDrive or in a collaborative SharePoint Library. Online Forms can save you a lot of paper and time, it is an easy way to get data from your form clients (Desktop, smartphone, usw..) even sharing a link to a form, so your clients dont have to print out their answers but get it per mail afterwards. So pls. dont use Word Forms anymore :), only an idea, greets from Eva.

Hi Eva,
Thanks for your response.
Sorry if it wasn't clear in my description but we are using Microsoft Forms.
When the Microsoft form is completed, Power Automate transposes the responses into a Word template and against fields I have specified, it then converts it into a PDF which is then sent to the person who completed it and our governance team for filing and action.
Our governance team requires a form for each employee for auditing and traceability otherwise I would have suggested just using the results page of the form.

So the only advice I can give is that you should take the field controls and according to my memory those controls can wrap the text within... your datasource, is it a SharePoint List? I hope so, because with that you can better see the versionings and also output the several audit results then...? My perfect combination on this topic would be: Forms - SharePoint - Word Template - Power Automate - Fill the Template - get PDF and Word result in the same library, like in this tutorial: 

Hi @Eva Vogel 

I have replicated the approach, as shown in video you have suggested, but I am still experiencing text running outside of the tables cells.

Microsoft Form completed -> Power Automate processes action -> Map date to Sharepoint library as meta data -> merge with a Word document -> save updated Word document to Sharepoint library -> convert to PDF -> email to person who completed form.


Current issue - long string of text isn't wrapping onto new lines it reaches the end of the cell within a table.