Revert from office 365 to office 2016 mac

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I previously had office for mac 2016 installed and working without problems.  I have access to office 365 through work and downloaded the install package to try to get the most updated version on my computer.  My work account does not allow access on a mac, so I am only able to open files in read only format.


Is there a way to uninstall office 365 and revert it back to office mac 2016?  The icon seems to have been overwritten and now opens up office 365.  I cannot just delete office 365. 

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Sounds strange you can only open them in read only!! Have you signed in with your corporate account?

@adam deltingerThanks for the the response.  I'm definitely signed into the corporate account.  It says that editing privileges are not available on a mac.  Can I just reinstall from the old installer package I have?  i found the newest one on the mac office 2016 site, can I just install that?  I don't know if this will over write the 365 version, which I what I would like to happen, or install it in addition.