Retention Policy for OneDrive - What happens with two different policies

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I'm a bit confused and wondering if someone can help me.  If i create two retention policies i.e.


1: Retain for 6 months then do nothing based on Last Modified 

2: Just delete content older then 12 months based on Last Modified


What would happen with the data? Once the first policy has expired would it skip the 2nd policy or would data be held for 6 months then the 2nd policy applied and data would start to get deleted?


Sorry bit confused and could do with some help!


Thank you



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@Vasil Michev  Thanks for the reply, I read that page a few times but still not 100% sure what will happen with the data.



It will retain data for 6 months, preventing users from deleting any items. After the 6 month period has expired, users will be able to delete items manually, and after 12 months they will be deleted automatically.