Restrict/Limit Internal Document Sharing

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I am using DLP to restrict external sharing. I am now looking into how to restrict internal sharing (i.e. payroll employee cannot share company salaries to an employee not in payroll). Classifications does not seem to work, my understanding is that is for retention and deletion (would be nifty to be able to classify a document to restrict it to a department level). Question is: is there a decent way to restrict internal sharing of documents based on a document label or DLP policy? There appears to be none.

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Hi Alexander,


Did you look for IRM solutions in Office 365? I had no examples (aka print screens) here but if you look for those two articles:

  1. Set up Information Rights Management (IRM) in SharePoint admin center 
  2. Apply Information Rights Management to a list or library |

As well you can look for this article: 


But because the idea of SPO is Sharing - disabling this option for specific users could be hard. Did you try to set up permissions for the library? When permission is set up for library eg 'payroll' with the permissions settings we can restrict other users to see documents. And another policy could prevent to share outside the group. But I assume it will be relatively hard.






That's what I have found, hard to restrict SharePoint sharing since that is it's sole purpose. Thanks for the IRM articles, something I will look into applying, those may help my situation.

As far as setting up library permissions, we do have some setup. Just wanted to look into a tool to centrally manage to help us over individual site permissions.


Thanks for your input!


No problem