Request: Option to change the default sender of shared mailbox for new messages and reply/forward

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I know, others had raised the question/request before. But because until today I haven't found a suitable solution, it is still in issue for me. We use a shared mailbox added as an additional mailbox in the outlook client (in advanced account settings).


Once a month we send E-mails to customers from that mailbox concerning Windows Updates. The default for new messages however is the personal E-mail/mailbox. In most cases, the shared is used for answering incoming qustions for which we use the personal E-mail. Also for that wie have to manually switch the sender - replies are sent by default from the shared mailbox.


I also know that the administrator (Microsoft 365) can remove the Send As persmission, so that all E-mails would be sent from the personal mailbox (mentioned in this post). However, that would completely remove the switch option to select the shared mailbox. Therefore, it's not really a solution.


Of course, it's not a big thing to manually change the sender E-mail, but it's really annoying that the default can't be changed. The user should have the option to individually select what is more often used.

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As long as you have been granted Full access permissions, you can add the shared mailbox as additional account in Outlook (via File > Add account), which will in turn allow you to use the "proper" sender. In contrast, when accessing a shared mailbox via automapping, or when adding it as additional mailbox, quite few functionalities are unavailable or function differently.
Yes, I'm aware that the functionality of additional account is different to additional mailbox. One difference is that the default for new mails is also the shared mailbox and not the personal mailbox.
But this is not the main issue here. Also wenn added as additional account it is not possible to select/change the default to be used for new messages or reply/forward of incoming mails of the shared mailbox. So the main request is not fulfilled.

As already mentioned, the user with given permissions should have a choice, what mailbox shall be used by default and than still have the option to manually change it for an individual message.

Hello @Victor Ivanidze 


Thank you for the suggestion of RightFrom. But that also doesn't provide an option to actually select the default account/mailbox for messages. Furthermore, the handling is NOT as desired.


As already mentioned, I need to reply E-mails of the shared mailbox with my personal E-mail address and NOT with the one of the shared mailbox. The reason of it is, that the other members of the shared mailbox shall not be bothered with requests that I'm already working on.

Hi @Victor Ivanidze 

Thanks again. Yes, this add-in would indeed be a suitable solution. The licence price of $50 seems to me rather high and I doubt that my boss would agree to this. But I do concider it as an option.

Just for clarification to those who read along: I won't mark Victors post as a solution, although I wrote, it would be suitable. But I do not really concider a third-party product in this case as a real solution, because it is not available for free and because it is a long-year request from users to be able to change the default sender. Having to pay for an Add-In is therefore rather a workaround than a solution for the request.