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I have gone through the forum and google, but I have not found an answer to my question. I hope you don't mind sharing a post here. 

Background: User1 (Guest account/outside of the organization) and User2 (inside) are members of the Group1 (Office 365 Group). User3 is outside of the organization, it's NOT a guest user nor Group1 member. The Group1 is enabled with the subscription setting (e-mail sent from anyone to Group1@organization will end up in Group Conversation, User1 mailbox, User2 mailbox).
I would like to achieve the scenario where: User3 sends an email to Group1@organization. User1 (undefined e-mail client) hits "reply" and answers not only to User3, but rather to Group1@organization instead.
I have successfully used feature like that with G-Suite (


How to configure something like that with Office 365 ?


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There's a ReplyAll button in the Group's compose interface, and it should actually be the default action. Doesn't that work for you? Or am I missing something?

Hi Vasil,

Great thanks for the answer.
In the presented scenario:
Only one user uses Outlook and Office 365.
The other user is in the group but has no access to it. He gets only what is being forwaded to him.
Sender, so third user can actually be anyone.
Now, for example there is no “Reply all” button in Gmail app, and even if there was I would like not to tell all the potential users (in the real scenario) to use it.

The test I did before replying to this thread was with a Gmail account, and it works just fine. You do have a ReplyAll button in the web client, now if the app you are using is missing this basic functionality perhaps you should switch to using a different app. FWIW, the behavior will be the same for any other DG-type of recipient, this is nothing specific to O365 Groups.

Hi Vasil,


Thank you for the answer, the provided workaround may be one of the options. On the other hand, it does not address the actual issue I came here with:


Is it possible to set the O365 Group so each e-mail passing through it, has a property "Reply to" set to the group and not to the person who sent the e-mail ? How ?

[Goal: To achieve the functionality provided by G-Suite where e-mails send to Group1@Organization not only are sent to all subscribers e-mailboxes but also has the "Reply to" property set to Group1]


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That would require functionality similar to address rewriting, which is not available in O365.

In fact, you can do that Reply-To rewriting - but not in the group settings alone, you do have to use Exchange mail flow rule for that:

  • Conditions: the recipient is [group e-mail]
  • Action: Set header value: set header Reply-To value to [group e-mail]
  • Rule mode: Enforce