Replacing mapped network drive on-prem file server with OneDrive

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I'm looking for some feedback on replacing an aging on-premise file server with OneDrive for business.

In the on-prem solution, there are 2 drives on the file server. One of the drives contains user documents and maps is a private folder where the user stores their documents.  The other drive  is for a shared group drive where users place common documents which can be modified/shared. 

Each drive has less than 50 GB.  

I thought OneDrive for business would be a good options, but I find some discussions which indicate it may not be a good fit.  

Right now, I have a logon script on the A/D server which performs the mapping also.  Not sure if a script could still be used or no.

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@Mike_Garczynski Mike, OneDrive for Business is geared towards an individual user's documents.  You can have each user move their own files to their respective OneDrive.  In File Explorer, a OneDrive folder will be created and so there is no longer a need for a drive letter.  For the other shared common files, you can look to migrate those to a SharePoint document library via the SharePoint Migration Tool in the SharePoint Admin Center.  From within the SharePoint library, you can sync those documents via OneDrive for Business and have those displayed within the OneDrive folder structure, also eliminating the need for a drive letter.