Reopen Support Tickets and Update on Stale Ticket

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I have requested to reopen two support tickets after I returned from a week's time off.  However, I'm still waiting for these cases to be reopened.  Can anyone help?


The two old ticket #s are: 13679332 and 13604821

The new ticket the system opened to request my old tickets be reopened: 13947083


I'm also still waiting on assistance for ticket # 13677786


Is there any Microsoft employee who could help me?




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@Vasil Michev - How do I actually get a ticket escalated, though?  When I call back support, I get the same level of technician who says they are "working on it" but then it still takes a bunch of time to get sorted out.  For example, I finally am receiving help for this issue but it took weeks to finally get the ticket reopened and reassigned to the original ticket owner.  Also, every time I call in, another ticket gets opened which makes things even more confusing.


Any help you or someone from Microsoft could give would be greatly appreciated.

@RyanBlake There's a thread here when some good folks from Microsoft try to help with stale tickets and such, look it up. But again, this is not a support channel, so it's best to work directly with the engineer assigned to your case (or his manager in case he's giving you crap).

@Vasil Michev Thank you for the advice, I will look for that thread because getting a manager who really wants to help is quite difficult. When you call back in you get the person you call's manager, not the manager of the other ticket owner since Microsoft seemingly has multiple contractors from multiple companies located in multiple geographic regions.

Anyway, thank you. Hope you have a good one.

@RyanBlake Here's the thread I was referring to:


Russell has been more than helpful assisting customers in dead end situations, but keep in mind that he's not directly responsible for the support experience and is just trying to help.