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Is there a way to remove the Outlook icons (inc Tasks, People, Calendar etc) from users on, without removing the Exchange Online license? We have F1 users who the management have decided they do not want access to any others apps apart from some enterprise apps. I've removed all the others by removing all the licenses. However they do not want to delete the mailboxes, and we are using the email address attribute for SSO with some ADFS/SAML systems. I'm aware I could change these systems to use a different attribute, i.e. UPN but time is against me getting these tested and changed with the third parties.



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the email attribute for authentication has nothing to do with the Exchange online license, so you could disable the license and still have SSO working through ADFS. I would create a test account to try.

Yeah true, however if they are in any groups/DLs then they people who send that group email will get boucebacks, and adds some manual work when creating these accounts. I'd just like to hide the tiles

Also, deleting the mailbox will remove the email attribute so I'd have to re-add them back? I know I can script it but it just seems a pain, when I know it will only be temporary - the company do want users to have email, just not yet.

Those tiles are controlled by the corresponding license, we as admins cannot control them. If you want to block access, you can use methods such as the Set-CasMailbox cmdlet, Conditional access or the newly introduced Client access rules. None of them will remove the icon though.

Thanks, this sounds like a good option that we can easily reverse when they want to deploy email, and I'm not going to have dummy email addresses or change SSO trust relationships.

I have a situation here where the Outlook icon still shows in but the user is not licensed for Exchange Online, the only difference here is that we run the new architecture for exchange hybrid 

Is this the reason users get the Outlook icon even if they are not licensed with Exchange Online in Office 365 ? If so, is there a way to hide it from the app launcher ?

Thank you

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