Remove On Premises exchange Hybrid and go fully Online

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I currently have a scenario where there is a Hybrid Exchange environment with 1 server. All my mailboxes have been migrated online.


I would like to completely remove dependency on local AD and I do not care about AD synchronization.


How do I "tell" the O365 tenant not function on it's own so that I can manage 100% from 365 Administration?


I do understand that my MX and other DNS records will need to be changed.


Are there any solid guides out there on decommissioning the on premise exchange server. I want to do this with the least impact on users.





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I have almost the same question as the OP, @Keith Caines (well done starting conversation that lasted 2 years bud!). I am re-asking the question specific to Minimal Hybrid configuration



  • Exchange 2010 with Minimal Hybrid configuration
  • No need for ongoing sync AD with Azure/365
  • All mailboxes have been moved to 365


At this point what is the process to retire Exchange safely and correctly? As I understand it...


  1. Replace DNS records with 365 tenant info
  2. Remove Service Connection Point from 2010 (AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri) 
  3. Turn off directory synchronization 
  4. Uninstall Exchange


Am I missing anything? I'm trying to be careful because minimal hybrid does not have connectors and organizational sharing (IntraorganizationConnector & OrganizationRelationship) mentioned in the MS decom document.


Also AAD Connect does not have "Exchange Hybrid" configured.


One more thing, I'm not sure about is Remove-FederationTrust is not mentioned in the MS decom document and I dont know why.


So there are a few differences from retiring a full hybrid deployment and I dont want to leave some mystery setting in there that could bite us later. 


I really appreciate whatever confirmation or advice you have! Thanks!