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If we remove license for a user, will he have access to the services Exhange, ondrive... for 30 days? or only the data will stay but the users cannot access Outlook, Owa, Ondrive...

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Hi Robert,

All the information you need to know if in this article:

Recommend you also follow this guide in the event of employee termination or resignation

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Hi Chris,

I have already read both articles but they are mentioning if the user will still have access to their mailboxes and other services.
It’s only mentioning that the data will be held for 30 days. does it mean that they will still have access?

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No, they shouldn’t have access! It can take some time the user still have access to services the users logged in to! You can also force a logout from the portal , and also block the user from signing in!
The office suite will be active til next license checking cycle will run

They will, at least to most services, as Microsoft does not enforce licensing requirements for many of them. If the idea is to keep them from accessing stuff, block the account as @Oleg Kovalenko suggested above.

I do believe mail will be unavailable after some time though! But of course if making sure the user can’t access services asap, block login is the way to go

The thing is that we need to create a new tenant for some users in another country.
We transfered some licenses to the new tenant.
But we need the users to have access to the services until we migrate all PSTs...

So if we remove the license users will still have acces to mailboxes, sharepoint...

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Now, that's a bit of a different story. While it technically might work, if you are using the service without license you will be violating the license agreement. I believe it should be fine if you are just doing so in the 30 days "grace" period, but no one here is qualified to interpret the licensing terms on behalf of Microsoft. So best contact your TAM or open a support case.

I think the advice here from Vasil, Oleg and Adam is very good. These are 100% correct and sound advice.

A solution may be that you set the new tenant up on a 30 day trial direct with a Microsoft which, if memory serves me correct you can extend to 60 days, migrate the users then purge the old licences and purchase the licence in the new tenant. If you are a CSP provider you just inject the licences into that tenant as the trial expires.

However, accessing services you aren’t licences for isn’t the way. If Microsoft knew they could fine you an amount way in excess of having two sets of licences for a very short period of time.

Hope this helps!

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