Remove 'Install Office 2016'

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Is there a way to remove the 'Install Office 2016' message from the portal?



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Erin, as i know this page is not customizable. The only way is to disable ability to install Office for users


We currently block the install via policy as we have a process for installing on our company owned assets.  Howevver we do want to allow people to install office on their personal PCs.  Probably not a way to have it removed from the portal, while still allowing access from personal PCs?

Not that I know of. I think that your best bet is just to communicate to your users that they should not try to install it when then they are using the company computers.

It's just a link to an installer, I bet if you turned it off in the portal you could provide the link in your own intranet somewhere with a suitable explanation, or some custom code to detect work machines.

In our experience for a few years now it's not an issue, my staff use the version we give them and the few that don't realise we block them installing find out pretty quickly :)



My company is asking me this same question, "Can we remove the install link when on domain PCs"? Have you had any luck finding an answer to this?


For me, my rational mind thinks at least, that if you can block syncing of OneDrive files from non-domain PCs, I should be able to change other settings based on this same criteria.


Thank you in advance.

Since at least one of those links is massively outdated and locked, i might as well put the exact steps here.


1) sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center with your admin account,

2) Go to Show all > Settings > Settings

3) under service tab, find "office software download settings"

4) uncheck all the options, or whatever options you want to deselect.


the install office button will now be gone.