Remove Exchange 2010 Minimal Hybrid and go Cloud Only

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Looking for help going from Exchange 2010 Minimal Hybrid to Cloud only. 



  • No need for AD synchronization
  • All mailboxes have been migrated to 365 via minimal hybrid config


Next Steps

This is where I'm looking for help. From here, what is the correct way to remove the hybrid configuration and decommission the Exchange 2010 server? The following is what I think I understand the process to be. Please confirm or correct :smile:


  1. Replace DNS records with 365 tenant settings
  2. Remove service connection point (Set-ClientAccessService -AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri $Null)
  3. Disable AADC and Turn off directory synchronization (Set-MsolDirSyncEnabled -EnableDirSync $false)
  4. Uninstall Exchange

As far as I know Minimal Hybrid does not create connectors or organizational sharing, so these arnt there to remove. This MS Article mentions  Remove-FederationTrust and Remove-OrganizationRelationship which I dont see discussed anywhere else - so I'm wondering about that too.


I really appreciate any insights. Thanks!


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Hi, your steps are correct but if you're uninstalling your last Exchange server why do you need connectors?

Also Remove-FederationTrust refers to ADFS removal which if you don't have ADFS, isn't needed. Remove-OrganizationRelationship will essentially remove the cloud to on prem trust for your domain.