Removal of Azure AD joined devices


I may be asking in the wrong section here, so apologies if so.


Please could someone confirm whether any odd behaviour may result, after removing the AD-azure joined devices (laptops) of students who have now left the school. We have BitLocker recovery keys kept securely away from Azure AD, in case we should receive a request for the key in the future (I realise that old students should ideally change their BitLocker details)


But, are students likely to observe any strange behaviour, following the removal of the devices from Azure AD? I don't really want to create nightmare for them!

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Hey James,


Are the devices registered in Intune, or just Azure AD.


Intune has a whole bunch of additional settings you need to make sure are correct, like wipe settings, that if done wrong could in essence nuke a whole bunch of stuff on the computers.


AzureAD itself, if you unjoin a user, they would just lose any network settings pushed from azure, but not anything local.



Many factors at play here. Are the students still using their o365 logins? If so and they were actually domain joined to azure AD then they will lose access to logging in from that device. If they just were using local login's and the login was connected to azuread through work account then they will be fine.