Remote Server returned '550 5.7.705 Service unavailable.

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Hello,valuable microsoft authorities the problems about my two ticket numbers ( 10295846 and 10283966) unfortunately were not resolved and the issue was not raised. If you need to summarize, we have purchased 2 unit o365 packs of 2 domanin on behalf of our small business. When asked the source of the problem microsoft in Turkish support told me I exceeded the limit of e-mail. According to your policy: one distribution group is counted as one mail. and Limit sending messages to large distribution group is 5,000 or more members. According to only 6 of the licensed account. I sent to the distribution group has still disabled by mail. Unfortunately I can not use this service that I bought it. It is also stated that the microsoft forum in this location is authorized by the distribution group as 1 mail and 1 distribution group can receive up to 5000 members. …the rest will come.
Reference of reference 1: reference 2: distributiongroup limits: I believe that you esteemed microsoft officials hope that we can open our two microsoft accounts as soon as possible and we can reach our people.
this is error message: Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's email provider rejected it.Remote Server returned '550 5.7.705 Service unavailable.
and this error is on my two accounts.
I did not send except distribution groups. and no limit is exceeded. reference 2: distributiongroup limits:
A distribution group is counted as a single recipient during message submission.
Refference 3:
Do you reopen these two accounts for which I have purchased, the provider barrier that was closed by you.

also as a big microsoft company, please comply with your own policies and limits do not conflict with yourself. If you are blocking my account due to a distribution group that does not have 5000, your honesty will be discussed.Let me give you a little advice. and Microsoft has depreciated in recent years. and if you do not be honest this will continue, absolutely.

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Hi there,
Welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community. The members here are not the same as Microsoft support, so no one here has access to your case. I would recommend re-engaging with Microsoft support through your Office 365 admin center to get your issue resolved as soon as possible.

That being said, if you want to brainstorm with us here on your issue, I'm happy to offer advice. It sounds like you're running into a bounceback and you believe it's due to recipient limits (and distribution groups may be in play). Can you further describe exactly what the situation is? Is this going internal to external, internal to internal? Is the sender a distribution group or the recipient? I want to help, but would need more details.

Microsoft support through with Office 365 did not report the problem to me. and insist on dissolving.