Relationship between MIP and DLP

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I would like to know if there is a direct relationship or relevance between MIP and DLP in terms of configuration, policy, or settings in Compliance Manager. Does DLP use MIP data to identify or process information in its setting? Can DLP be configured without MIP?

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There's no direct relationship, but there is some inoperability between the two. You can configure DLP without MIP, and vice versa.
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Hi, @ajdluistro -- MIP is more like the underlying pillar that helps DLP crawl into workspaces to find sensitive data: 
"With Microsoft Information Protection as the underlying pillar for all security solutions in the Microsoft suite, you can discover, classify, and protect sensitive information. This capability is being leveraged by DLP to crawl into your workspaces, look for your sensitive data, and alert you of possible exposure to help you take immediate action.


It is also used to create content flows and new workflows because of its capability to reuse information tagged to your documents and assets, which helps DLP classify your sensitive content better."


It's from this article: How to Protect Sensitive Microsoft 365 Data With Data Loss Prevention

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