Reinstalled Windows, missing some documents saved to OneDrive in Office 365

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I had 7 Excel documents that I made in Office 365 and they were all set to save to OneDrive. I know they got synced as I was able to share the documents and people could open them. I was also able to see them in OneDrive.


I reinstalled Windows, which of course reinstalled OneDrive and I of course had to reinstall Office 365. For some reason, 5 of my 7 Excel documents I'm able to open, but 2 of them I get a "Sorry we couldn't find <long url>. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?" What's even weirder is looking at the paths listed for the documents in the "Recent" section. The ones I can't open have a path of "OneDrive - Personal >> Documents". The ones I can open say "<My real name>'s OneDrive (Personal". I can't find the 2 missing ones in the recycle bin in OneDrive nor can I find them doing a search. So what's the deal? Why are most of them available, but 2 aren't and why do those 2 just say "OneDrive" instead of "<My real name>'s OneDrive"? Attached is a screen shot showing what I'm talking about. I put 2 X's by the files that can't be opened. All the rest can be.

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