Recovering Excel file saved as notepad

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I wanted to know if there is any chance I can recover an excel file that was accidentally saved as a notepad.

I downloaded data from the internet, turns out it was in CSV format that opened in excel. I made A LOT of changes to it, added sheets, did sampling and all, but I saved it not paying attention that it was in CSV format.


Now I've already retrieved the data from the notepad but it's only the first sheet of the file that I worked in.

Is there ANY chance at all that I can recover the data from other sheets? The notepad doesn't show anything other than the first sheet data and there's nothing in the unsaved workbook folder either.


Would be great if there's a solution for this


Thank you in advance

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Hmm did you overwrite the file as a notepad document?? Where do you keep the file stored?

I had it in the Documents folder but this is my office laptop,  connected to the network server and all that. I don't know if this changes anything.

It originally downloaded in CSV format but as long as it looked like a regular excel I didn't pay any extra attention while saving and it automatically saves as a notepad "Unicode text" format. 

So it’s not in your onedrive then?



I don't think it will do anything for you due to it's saved and all though!



IF you have enabled earlier versions in windows, try right click the file and "recover earlier versions"

Okay, I'll try that.
Thanks a lot