reappearing emails

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my outlook live email has suddenly started to repeatedly receive emails that I have already received and deleted. I've contacted my web hosting service but the say its not at their end and some remote help from a microsoft support person but its still coming back-any ideas please?

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Same here since yesterday (not the first time, though) - makes Outlook completely unusable. I deleted and set up my E-Mail-connections (POP) once again and checked the configuration - this definitely is an error on Microsoft's side. Never had these kind of problems with GMail or other services.

yea they mailed me after I requested another support slot with them - a glitch on their server which they were (and still are obviously) working on. What frustrates me was over two days I was trying to fix it including 3hrs online chat with one of microsofts support worker - why don't they let you know theres a problem- moreover why dont they tell their workers!?