Read and Recieve action disparity in exchange reports

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Read and Recieve action disparity in exchange reports


Recieve should be higher than read right?


Any explanation in this?





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Hi Marvin, on interpreting email activity reports you will really notice that there are some differences in terms of Read and Receive Actions on Users.


By definition, Read action is the number of times an email read action was recorded for the user. Receive action is the number of times an email received action was recorded for the user. Reference on this link.


Therefore, the Read action is more than Received action on several users because some emails have been read many times by these users.

Given that users commonly have multiple devices that are capable of reading messages and that people often read messages multiple times, it is normal that read actions are higher than receive. After all, a single message might be read on 3 devices, so you have 1 receive and 3 reads in this case. 


That being said, 7,976 receives and 70,590 reads for a single user is excessive. Unless they have 10 devices and insist on reading everything on all devices...  And 2,281 receives and 45,748 reads is even more excessive... so I would file a support request and see what is going on.

And we can ask our lovely @Anne Michels to give some more insight on how exactly the Read hits are being generated. For example, if I mark a message as unread and mark it back as read, does it count as a new hit? Does delegate access count, etc?

Hi all,

"email read" is a count of how often a user has initiated the action of reading an email. An email is counted as "read" when the user clicks on/ opens it. If you read a message twice, it will be counted as 2 read activities.  Also please note that this can include older emails that the user received in the past.

Thus, it is likely for the number of "email read" activity to be higher than the amount of "emails received".



Hi Anne,


How could we explain the difference between 2,281 receives and 45,748 reads? That's a lot of extra clicks!



Our engineering team will need to look into this. Marvo, please open a support ticket.



Dear all, any further comments \ updates on this one?


I have a few users with really high read action count. One of them has 472,668 read action count, sent actions is 33 and receive action is 1,820 within a span of a week.image.png

I have also just noticed this in my instance.  User has 8363 receive action for the past 180 days, but 45,604 read actions!  That's 253 read actions for every day! (including weekends)  Something seems wrong about that.

Hi Ann, in our support perspective. Would you share some input as well how does the server count on the send action. We found in our customer that user just send a bunch of email but the send count are 60x fold.



@Marvin Ocodid you receive any follow up for your ticket? I came across the same issue. It happens for one user, once a month. For about 3 days this users apparently reads 5000 mails a day, receving only about 30.



I am not understanding the receive actions meaning. @Aljohn Bonifacio