Re-assign responses to another question in forms

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Is there a way to re assign existing responses from one question to another? I accidentally edited one question and now new responses are registering to “other” ?

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Could you please give us more information about your form and what it does? Which apps it’s used under O365?

its a question I posted utilizing the forms app on O365, the form is not utilizing share-point or anything, just being shared via a link in an email. its survey that give users 5 options to choose from. So here's the thing, I accidentally pasted into an existing option on the survey and now anytime anyone responds and selects the option that I accidentally edited, in my results....those responses now show under "Other". In the attached picture, the brown "other" category that has 38 respondents, really should count towards the green category that has 16.  Hopefully  not too confusing, and if there's an option to re-assign the results to another category?, at least I tried and reached out.


AFAIK no, you can’t alter already sunniters answers! You can open the Excel-file under answers “open in excel” and alter this list - then do a diagram from this with!
There is no write back to forms if you do though

I have had to do this in the past, and Adam is correct.


There is no advanced functionality that would allow for the re-allocation of answers. You just need to open the data in excel, and move the answers manually, then work on your own graphs etc.

I dont see anything tool or script could do that for now .